Research Fellow

Dr Iwona Zielinska (Sociology), EDAN Lincs, Lincoln, UK;  The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Poland.  – Principal Investigator, specialist in researching gender, sexuality, social vulnerability, social exclusion and the work of frontline practitioners in the social sector. Profile at:

Host organisation: EDAN Lincs

Lu Webb – Outreach project Manager and Psychotherapist, supervises, mentors and supports Iwona by providing information on various aspects of domestic abuse, on the context of legal and institutional frameworks to support working with victims of domestic abuse in the UK. Lu is also a key bridge between research and practice.  Organisation website at:

Celia Madden – CEO. She has extensive experience of mentoring, training and integrating new staff, having led EDAN development from a small voluntary organisation (WLDAS) to the main provider of domestic violence services in Lincolnshire. Celia overlooks the financial and administrative parts of the project. Organisation website at:

Secondment organisation: University of Lincoln

Prof Sundari Anitha (Criminology), University of Lincoln, School of Social and Political Sciences, College of Social Science, UK  – Co-Investigator and supervisor. Sundari Anitha is Professor of Gender, Violence and Work at the School of Social Sciences, University of Lincoln. Her research interests lie in the problem of violence against women and girls; and gender, race, and ethnicity in employment relations. She has previously managed a Women’s Aid refuge and was a caseworker at a ‘by and for’ refuge for South Asian survivors of domestic abuse. In this project, Sundari helps to conceptualise the links between migration and domestic abuse as well as conduct interviews with women victims/survivors. Profile at:

Dr Michael Rasell (Social Care), University of Innsbruck, Austria – Co-Investigator and supervisor, specialises in the study of social interventions for vulnerable groups and has extensive fieldwork experience in Central and Eastern Europe. In the project Michael advises on international aspects of knowledge transfer and developing outputs for dissemination to practitioner and policy audiences in the UK, Poland and other European countries. Profile at

Dr Ros Kane (Public Health), University of Lincoln, College of Social Studies, UK – Co-Investigator and supervisor and Research Director in the School of Health and Social Care, is expert in service evaluation and the translation of research to practice-based settings. Ros offers guidance on conducting case studies of specialist organisations and maximising the impact of the study findings into practice and academic arenas. Profile at: